Not An Afterthought

I remember playing games as a kid in gym or on the playground and wishing they would call my name. Please let them say my name... don't let me be last, I don't want to be on THAT team! We all had those moments and they were awful. We don't want to last, we want… Continue reading Not An Afterthought


Seventy times Seven

I think that we as a society struggle with the idea of forgiveness. We tend to hold a grudge towards others, especially when we fill we have been wronged and should have restitution. I find it's easier to forgive a spouse, children, family member, and close friends versus people I barely know or strangers. What… Continue reading Seventy times Seven


The Names of God

I was reading an article the other day and it started talking about the names of God. We hear and know some of them but do you know what they mean? I didn't and wanted to know more. The old testament is filled with so many names for God and they all have meaning. Some… Continue reading The Names of God


Paul’s New Year’s Advise

What are your New Year's resolutions this year? Do you make resolutions only to not keep them within a day or two of making them? I would encourage you to make attainable goals and start small. Sometimes I think we start way too big and get discouraged when we fail and if we start small… Continue reading Paul’s New Year’s Advise