Music to the Soul

Have you ever had that song that stuck with you for days even weeks and it sings to your being? I have many that have done that over the years depending the season or circumstance I was going through at that moment in my life. Music sings to my soul like nothing else. My playlist is made up of music through various life events. Some of which evoke memories of certain smells, places, and conversations.  My favorites are Selah, Mercy Me, Corey Voss, Phillips, Craig, and Dean, Casting Crowns, and Matthew West just to name a few.  I could start belting out tunes right now if you were in my writing area!

The word of God can do the same. It reaches into the depths where nothing else can go and no one can touch.  It sparks joy, peace, hope, and light in places that are dark and without hope. Did you know that the word praise/sing to the Lord comes up in the Psalms 326 times alone when searched in ESV. The total times in the ESV for sing/praise to the Lord is 6,714 times in the Bible.  Think about that this week as you listen to music.  God wants us to praise Him and sing to him.  It obviously pleases him if it is in His Word that many times.

The song by Jeremy Camp Word of Life has been in my head all week here is the link if you would to listen to it –https://youtu.be/wrX2tGgADu0

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