What brings you Joy?

I have asked this question more than I can count this week to a number of patients in my clinic.  This seems to be the question that most people stumble over when asked.  They are usually coming into the office to seek treatment for anxiety/depression.  I have asked myself this many times trying to find my way over the last couple of years.  What do you do for fun? What brings you Joy?

Things that bring me Joy

  • Bible Journaling
  • Long baths
  • Disney
  • Music
  • Scrapbooking
  • BBC Drama

I take flack for long baths, not from my husband mind you, but from others.  My bath time is my zin time.  It keeps me centered after a rough day at work and helps with my mood! Just ask the hubby, Ha!  As for Disney that has become a family affair.  My husband and I went there one month after being married and were hooked.  Our kids love it as much as we do and only those of you who are Disney Fanatics will understand the need to smell Mainstreet and ride certain rides.  The need to be there for the Food and Wine Festival in October just to have the sampling of the food around the world!  To hear the music as you walk into Adventure land (it’s Pirates by the way).

Bible Journaling makes me stop and think about the verse I am working on and being purposeful as I work.  It goes hand and hand with memorization on that verse.  I also love to scrapbook but I don’t do it as much as I would like or have in the past.  Again both of these just puts me in a very relaxed mood.  Then there is BBC drama and Jane Austin. I am in love with all there is of BBC.  I can sit down all day in my pj’s and spend the day with Jane or at Downton! It truly brings me Joy!  Spark Joy!

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness – Galatians 5:22

What do you do for Joy?

  • Do you hike
  • Do you go to the beach
  • Do you read
  • Are you a foodie and cook/bake goodies

Why do you do the things you love? Is it for peace, togetherness with friends, alone time, to help someone else? Whatever you do that brings you joy do it often, as long as it is healthy and productive.  I don’t advocate for consumption of alcohol/smoking/drugs as this would totally be against my nurse practitioner self and this isn’t healthy nor will it bring you joy in the end.  OK I will step off the box now LOL! But for real as a wise lady once told me choose Joy daily and make it a choice.

3 thoughts on “What brings you Joy?”

  1. When we lose touch of what brings us joy, we are in the process of losing ourselves to the demands of life. It’s easy to let the urgent take over but the long term cost is too great. Sometimes it helps me to remember what I loved before the responsibilities of life (home care, motherhood, work, etc.) became essential. As a young woman/little girl, I loved the outdoors and animals, reading, journaling, etc.

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