Bible Journaling

Bible Journaling Part 1

I have a confession, I love to color as an adult.  I like the adult coloring books, but I love the illustrated bible.  I use the HCSB Illustrated  Notetaking Bible.  I looked at many different kinds of notetaking bibles but decided on this one because it had pictures ready to be colored and spaces where I can draw pictures.


“The unfolding of Your words give light”- Psalm 119:130a

Spending time in the word and journaling/coloring gives me time to meditate on the verse I am working on.  Just like coloring in the adult coloring books I have found it also to be very relaxing. I also take the time to read the other verses around the artwork.  I choose the page with artwork based on a few things…sometimes on the sermon I am listening to, a verse I have read online like Proverbs 31, or I was thumbing through and it just caught my attention.

Here are 3 pages I have done in my Bible.  The first one I free handed from a Pinterest idea I found.  You can check out my Pinterest page for other ideas if you wish.  The other two pages are illustrated in the Bible and I colored them.

Here are what the uncolored pages look like.  The bible is just beautiful.


These are some of the basic supplies I have on hand when journaling.  I love the Accu-Gel Highlighters.  They are amazing and they don’t smear or go through pages.  I have used the washi tape and note cards in my NLT bible more than in my notetaking bible.  My go-to pens are the micron brand.  They have a fine point and do not bleed through the paper.  I love the Crayola twistables for my colored pencils.  As you can see I have an obsession with pencils, it’s sad. lol. I really like the erasable ones the best as I make mistakes and it will just go away if I don’t like it.  I do have a pencil for outlining my own drawings, then I will take one of the microns and trace over it.

Many people will go more in depth with paints but I personally like a more clean look.  You can decide based on your taste what you like and how you want your bible to look.  The point is to make it your own!  Alot of people will use these as a legacy to pass down at some point, but no pressure right! HA!

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