Glimpse into God’s Plan

Have you ever prayed asking God to change a situation but then you wait around and never really get an answer?  We all have those times.  I had a situation like this and prayed a similar prayer several months ago. We all know we are not on God’s time table right! Can I get an amen!! I was having a conversation and one thing lead to another and this person shared something with that showed a glimpse into God’s plan.  Have you ever had one of those AHHH HHAAA! moments? It was like that!

I have just been let into a special place and seen the inner workings of what’s going on in the background of something God is doing in another’s life to possibly impact yours.  And that prayer you prayed months ago is unfolding before your eyes.  I sat in that chair listening to this person talk and felt in awe when I realized this is a gift on one level to say hey I heard you and on the other hand it’s a reminder to let me know that God has it all in control and is still working on my story.

Do you feel like you lose sight of God in this busy life? I know I do. We get so caught up in the everyday living that we miss the little hints of God in our lives. The realization sometimes doesn’t hit till days later as the pieces fall into place.  You sit and think about all that has gone on in your life to orchestrate events around you, and it’s like an anvil coming out of the sky and hitting you on the head. Remember (for those of you who used to watch bugs bunny) this happens a lot! God is always there we just have to be quiet long enough to listen or respond. We are never forgotten. Do you know that we were thought about before we were born, before time began. Amazing right!  Read Psalm 139 when feeling like you have been forgotten or wondering if God thinks about us daily reminds us that we are thought about almost on a minute by minute basis.  We are never out of the thoughts of our God –Psalm 139


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