Women of the Bible

Life in Old Testament Times

It must have been hard living in Bible times as a woman. Women were expected to do so much of the day to day life and there were no conveniences like there are today. I like going to Target and Kroger for my shopping and I am not ashamed to say I love some Tanger! Have you ever sat and thought about what the day to day life must have been like?

Majority of people lived in a rural setting and grew their own food, made their own clothes/pottery, etc… Everything inside was done by the women and daughters were trained to do just as their mothers were before them. Childbearing and rearing was another important task left up to mothers. I am sure that if there was a male child the father would take over his education at some point and teach him the trade of the family.


Preparation for every meal was the woman’s job. Grinding grain could take at least 2 hours to do each day to make bread for the day.  Most early meals were simple with just bread, fruits, milk, and cheese. The biggest meal was at the end of the day, with some occasional protein being dried fish.


Clothing was another important routine of daily living that was done by women in biblical times. Most of the fabrics worn in ancient times were wool, unless you were wealthy, then you could afford linen. It was the woman’s job to spin the fibers together on a loom and create the garments. Usually they wore lighter garments under the heavier outer layer which they used for a blanket at night.

Work Outside the Home

Women were also expected to be present and help at harvest time. They were to help tie up the grain stalks and stand them upright so they would dry. This is also true at harvest of the grapes or olives.  After harvest was when feasts and celebrations would take place. 

The role of the woman was hard and much was expected of her.  This also caused the role of family to be of far greater importance. The spouse was a helpmate and they both needed each other to survive. Then we have those famous women who accomplished so much with just them and God, no family to speak of. 

There are many inspiring women who play key roles in the Bible. Many did these tasks on a daily basis. God used their everyday chores to meet a husband, to help armies win wars, and even meet the Saviour. Are there women in the Bible that you aspire to be or would want to meet? What are the qualities of certain women like Esther, Ruth, Hannah etc… that you want to have or exemplify? In the coming weeks we are going to learn about many women and their story.

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