Thankful and grateful

I don’t know about you but I can’t believe November is already here! Many see this month as the month of thankfulness. Have you sat down lately and thought about what you are thankful for?

In the holiday season it’s so easy to get stressed about family, when are we going here/there, shopping for gifts, dinners. It’s already started at my house, can I just say! I have a tendency to get caught up in the madness and miss out on the joy the season brings. Do you find you do also do this? I have to find the best deal on the hottest item for the kids or for that family member. My house has to look just so for when people come over, I would like for it to look like an HGTV home but let’s face it I don’t have the time or money. By the time Christmas has come and gone it feels like such a blur and it all happened so quickly.

I would challenge you to set aside time to think about what makes you happy in this time of year?  Which activities do you enjoy doing with your family during the season and which ones can be left out? Here is my list…

What we enjoy

  • Black Friday shopping and breakfast before shopping!
  • Seeing the Christmas lights at Dollywood with friends
  • Christmas Wishes at church- Christmas for underprivileged kids
  • Baking- anything sweet! And trying new recipes
  • Cooking for thanksgiving and Christmas
  • Watching holiday movies- lots of hallmark and kid movies
  • Getting together with our life group: We do an adult only get together which is a great time for the adults and get the teens to watch the kids
  • REST and time off from work at Christmas- this is a must and I would recommend this to all if you can, it’s best thing I have ever done!

Things we have changed

  • Not going everywhere in one day- we spread out events like thanksgiving and Christmas at the grandparents over a couple of days instead of cramming everything into one day this has changed our world especially with 3 kids!
  • Not giving up Christmas morning-Christmas morning is just us opening gifts then in the afternoon we go to the grands for gifts. The grands do sometimes come over and watch the kids open gifts.

What are some things you do that you love and things you have changed? I understand if you travel for holidays and you don’t have family that live close, things will be different for you.  Coming up with your own list will hopefully lessen stress and make this season a more enjoyable one.


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