home reno

What a Mess!

Have you ever wanted to do a Reno project in your home? Who doesn’t love Chip and Joanna and all that is HGTV right? We watch them all the the time and I would love to do my house in her style, but on my own time line.

Day 1

Our story begins Friday when I walked in the house from work and I noticed the kitchen floor was wet… my husband said I just cleaned that up, did they kids spill water again? He was getting upset at this point and had had a long day which let’s face it I had too. So I looked more closely at the floor and as I walked over it again one could see the water was bubbling up between the cracks in the flooring!!!!

When we looked it looked like the sink had been leaking from where we left it dripping for a couple of days due to freezing temperatures.

So here is where the adventure begins… we called the insurance company, and we wait… Monday comes they send out an adjuster and then tell us we need to call a restoration company because there is water still under he floor! There are so many questions going through our minds at this point

  • How far did the water go?
  • Is there mold?
  • Did the water come from the sink?
  • What all are they going to do?
  • Do I get a new kitchen? (Thought with excitement and a smile on the inside)
  • Oh holy cow! (Screaming on the inside, this is not good!!!)

Day 2

The restoration company comes to access the damages to the kitchen. The owner of the company is in my home along with his workers (which did a fabulous job) and they start telling me they have pull up the flooring, drill holes in my cabinets, dry out the kitchen for days, them come back to reassess… so far my mind is whirl and I can feel the anxiety building and the dollar signs mounting. Are you feeling it too?

There is water all the way up the wall behind the dishwasher and under the blue padding water was on the old linoleum.

The cracking of the floorings they broke and threw it aside almost made me panic just knowing that they can’t put it back together and this was going to take a long time to fix. There is split second when you become somewhat ok with what is going on then you hear the main guy say “Oh NO!” Immediately I felt like screaming again and I knew what he had found. I stepped into the kitchen and he looked at me and said I have to go call my boss and I will be back. He wouldn’t tell me what was going on but the other guy showed me.

They had pulled up the first price of subfloor and found mold! I can hear of scary music in the background lol! Of course this is what every homeowner dreads and hates! And there was no telling how far it had spread but this would change how they handled everything. They heard back from the owner, who had went to check on another job, and now we have to do negative pressure dry out so house looks like a scene from ET.

I have plastic with zippers to have access to the kitchen at both entrances. The air is going to the outside so it doesn’t circulate in the house and cause respiratory problems. They painted the mold with a human/pet/environmental friendly substance that will dry it so they can remove it safely. This what the kitchen is like now.

We are just waiting at this point for the drying to get finished and then we go from there. We are on day 4 today of drying and it’s Friday. I am looking forward to a new kitchen! On the bright side!

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