The Unbelieving Priest

Yesterday in history Christ was placed in the grave but on the third day he arose and proved he is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! On his journey to Calvary he encountered many people along the way. One of those people was a priest was named Caiaphas. He was apart of the Sadducees.

The Sadducees believed only in the Torah, they didn’t believe in the immortality of the soul, resurrection after death, and they didn’t believe in the existence of angelic beings. They constantly were struggling with the Pharisees over laws and the extension of the canon of the Bible after the Torah. They were also made up of aristocratic families.

Caiaphas had a large hand in the last days of Jesus.

  • He predicted Jesus’ death: he was the one who plotted Christ’s death
  • He charged Jesus with blasphemy
  • He sent Jesus to Pilate
  • The high priests complained about the sign that was hung above Jesus as he hung on the cross
  • He persecuted believers. In Acts they (Annas and Caiaphas) brought Peter and John before them for questioning. (www.blueletterbible.com)

The one thing Caiaphas did not count on was that although he got what he wanted, the death of Jesus, this was exactly the plan of God all along. In the end Christ would come back which he didn’t count on either, funny how he didn’t believe in life after death and Christ shows up again after he had him killed! It would have been the perfect storm almost like that show punked!

Even though he had seen everything take place he still didn’t believe! Amazing that after all he had seen he would reject the obvious. He like so many today don’t believe despite having so many obvious signs that Christ is real. Some believe that it will cost them too much in the long run. They will lose status, power, money or they just chose those things instead of surrendering to self and living the life Christ asks us to live.

I hope that you choose the life of abundance instead of a life like Caiaphas. He turned out to be a selfish person who persecuted believers and couldn’t see what was right in front of him. Jesus offers you life like no other. Freedom from judgement, freedom from sin that maybe weighing you down, and love ever abounding. All you have to do is ask! So simple just him to come and live in you and ask for forgiveness of your sins. Remember you knows you and has called you by name!

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