Hello Old Friend

Life has a way of surprising you when you least expect it and with those surprises comes emotions. Many times we are good at hiding those things we don’t want others to know about whether we are dealing with health issues, life changing events, wayward kids, marriage crisis’, etc…. you name it. There comes a point when our emotions can get the better of us and they take over. We can have a hard time dealing and controlling the waves as they come.

It’s a great thing to let them out but especially if you don’t want others to know what is going on in life or if you are at work and they come out of no where this can be bad. We all need outlets for stress, anger, sadness, anxiety, even joy. Many times we hide all the other emotions other than the happy joyful ones, they build until an eruption happens. It spills over into our everyday life and affects all we do, say, they way we think, how we act, and treat others.

Our church did a women’s simulcast back in 2012 with Beth Moore and she had a list of all the verses in the Bible that dealt with fear and anxiety. It has been such a life giving tool that I give out to patients and use in my personal life. Here is the link.

Click to access The-Great-Forsake-and-Take-Final.pdf

I hope you will find strength in reading all the verses and praying/speaking them out loud when your old friend (anxiety, fear, sadness, loneliness,etc…) comes back to pay you a visit.

Fear was obviously something God knew we would deal with on a routine basis and is one way Satan gets his claws into us to take our focus off our task that God has for us. Don’t let him steal your joy, the light that comes with salvation, or the freedom from from darkness.

P.S. I would encourage you to speak with a counselor if you are struggling with depression/anxiety that you can’t handle or if you have any thoughts of suicide. Please seek help.

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