What are you waiting for?

Do you wait expectantly or do you wait without any expectation?

My mom was told in January of this year she would lose her job on June 30th. She had six months to prepare and find another job all the while still having her current job (which she had been at for 20+ years). She applied for jobs and went on job interviews weekly to no avail. As the months passed and no offers came the discouragement began to get to mom. She couldn’t understand why with her experience and qualifications she couldn’t get a job.

With each interview mom felt encouraged and was expecting to have an offer made but only to receive an email… we are sorry to inform you it would say…

“In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly.” Psalm 5:3 NIV

Are you the expectant person when it comes to prayer or waiting for what God has for? Or do you sit on the sidelines and give up? Are you proactive and holding your head upward looking up at the one who knows your future or looking down not paying attention?

David in the book of Psalms asked “how long” so many times about everything and even others in the Bible did the same. In the 13th Psalm David asked God four times alone how long and then he said look at me and answer me. Don’t you think that was bold of David to just tell like it is and say ok God I have had enough and, I need you to give it me straight because I can’t take it anymore! Later at the end of the Psalm David does acknowledge that he trusts in God’s unfailing love because he has been good to him.

We are not alone in our journeys of suffering/pain/refining/waiting. But on the other side there is light, joy, a purpose for our experience even if it was to take a rest. We too can trust in the unfailing love of our God because He has been good to us.

Mom did get a job about 2 weeks ago. She was unemployed for 2 months and things got tight but they made it. I have no idea what the purpose of her wait was, but the the rest she got was much needed. Even mom will tell you she learned to live simpler in the 2 months and leading up to it.

Wait expecting something and you will find that purpose in your day, you will never miss out when God reveals part of His plan for your journey, and many times you will find contentment/joy in the small things we tend to miss when we focus on the unnecessary.

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