The New Year šŸŽ‰

I have been thinking of all the last year has done, been, ended… I will say I can’t wait for this year to end and the new one to begin. This year without a doubt has been the toughest I have had in my adult life. Many friends around me would say the same. Many have felt loss, pain, sadness, and grief. It seems more so in this year than in any other year. I don’t know if I have been more attune due to my own circumstances or if the year as a whole has been more difficult for everyone.

I am truly waiting on baited breath that 2019 will be kinder, calmer, and sweeter than 2018. I have no goals/resolutions this year. I can never live up to them anyway and they are always too stressful to keep.

Do you have hopes for the new year? I have hope and dreams for the new year. I hope for a much better year for my family. I hope to grow spiritually and serve my amazing God. I hope to find contentment and peace in life’s circumstances that I can’t change.

I do however have an update I showed on here in the summer a war binder that I had created. I have filled up one book with scripture writing from the last 8 months. I will start a new book for the new year. I am excited about that. It has such light, joy, and peace, to be in the word daily. If you haven’t tried the daily writing of scripture I would give it a try. It will change your life. I follow Rachel Wojo and get monthly writings from her. The month on January is on the names of God. http://rachelwojo.com/

I hope you all have a blessed new year and it brings many new opportunities your way!

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