Come on, Give me a 6!

You have probably played this game many times as a child or now with your children. It’s called pop and go or trouble as it was known in my day. My son received this game for Christmas and we have played it a couple of times. They love it. Although I am reminded why I didn’t. I am sitting in the start zone waiting for a six to pop up and everyone else has players on the board but me. Or I have had my players returned to the start position due to the competitiveness of my kids. Here I sit waiting, and I have yet to win by the way, which is fine. The kids are pros at this game.

The point being is that this game reminded me that our lives are much like this, we sometimes are in a holding pattern waiting for the six to be rolled to move to the next space and to be able to take another turn. Waiting on God to show us the next step. Sometimes our ways are dark and we can’t see the next step. We have to step out in faith, other times it is lit up like a summers day and we know where to go. Don’t loose heart or faith. Your six will come. The next step will come but in the waiting just because you see all the activity around you don’t get discouraged. Hang tight and know that God is working behind the scenes just for you on your situation.

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