mission trip

Time to go…

It’s been 20 years for me since I made my commitment to the Lord to do medical missions at the age of 16. I can remember it so vividly.

June27, 1999

I knew I was going to be a nurse when I went to college. I loved to help people and this was the way I was going to do it. My great aunt had given me a magazine from the WMU (women’s missionary union) and on the front it talked about medical missions. I knew after reading the article, THIS was what I was supposed to do. It was like the moment you knew you had found your spouse, you just know.

After the invitation I went forward and surrendered to medical missions. I had no clue how I would get there or how long it would take me. I was gun ho and ready to go but you have to go through the training first so off to school I went and I continued on to get my nurse practitioner degree. Then life happens with kids, a job, a house; but I never forgot about my call I just wasn’t sure how to get there.

It seems like there was apart of me that was unsettled and couldn’t find the peace it needed. Until about 1 year ago I have never been in the right place to take a trip until now. It has taken 20 years for me to here, it here I am ready to go! I am so excited!!!

I am going to Thailand in September for 10 days with a medical team from church. The missionaries have been there for 35 years. The husband is an MD and runs medical clinics in the region. Their names are the Derbyshire’s and the run the Bangkla Baptist Clinic.

I look forward to sharing my adventures with you all as I prepare for the trip and when I return. Trips like this are life changing and I am excited to see another part of the world. I am also excited to see the Holy Spirit at work

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