Mighty mountains

I live close to the Great Smokey Mountains and they are beautiful. Being in the mountains brings a sense of peace, awe, and majesty. To see the colors change in the fall, the snow on the mountain tops in the winter and the green again in the spring is beautiful. I feel a sense of security living at the foothills on the mountains, knowing they are a protection from storms that can come this way.

Same can be said in biblical times about the mountains. They were associated with significant events in the history of Israel and in the life and ministry of Jesus. Many of which took place on mountain sites. Mountains are mentioned almost 500 times in the Bible. Given that much of the area is made up of hills and mountains this is not a surprise.

Starting with the Old Testament and listed a alphabetical order. These are just a few.

  • Mount Ararat- resting place of Noah’s ark
  • Mount Carmel- Elijah’s defeat of the prophets of Baal
  • Mount Gilboa- Saul’s death after fighting the Philistines
  • Mount Hor- Aaron’s death
  • Mount Moriah- Testing place of Abraham, also the site of Solomon’s temple
  • Mount Nebo- place of Moses’ death and where he saw the promised land
  • Mount Sinai- God gave Moses the law

The New Testament is mostly of Jesus’ ministries and where they took place.

  • On the Mount of Temptation the Devil offers Jesus Christ the Kingdoms of the World
  • Sermon on the Mount- Jesus teaches about life in the Kingdom of God
  • Mount of Transfiguration- Jesus’ glory is revealed
  • Mount of Olives- Jesus teaches about the destruction of the temple and the last days, and ascension into heaven

I think we don’t see the full picture unless it’s written down. Especially if you are listening to a sermon on just on piece of the Bible. When you see it in a list with of the major events that took place, it puts it all into perspective. God doesn’t do anything by mistake or happen chance. There is a great design.

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