Paul’s New Year’s Advise

What are your New Year's resolutions this year? Do you make resolutions only to not keep them within a day or two of making them? I would encourage you to make attainable goals and start small. Sometimes I think we start way too big and get discouraged when we fail and if we start small… Continue reading Paul’s New Year’s Advise


Change, Does it have to be a bad thing?

With the new year approaching we start thinking about what we would like to see happen or do differently this time around. We think about what all that has taken place over the course of this last year and some may think I wish I had said or done things differently, while others are ecstatic… Continue reading Change, Does it have to be a bad thing?

Women of the Bible

Finding Joy and Balance

When you think of finding joy and balance would you ever think of finding it in your workplace? This is sometimes a hard thing for me to be honest. I want to be home doing other things like being with my family, but truth is we need the money and I went to school to… Continue reading Finding Joy and Balance

Women of the Bible

Mary: The call of a Lifetime

As we draw closer to the Christmas season the picture of the nativity starts to be seen in decorations, in stores, heard in songs, and seen on TV. Mary is such an iconic figure throughout history. Artists have painted her, sculptors have done renditions to capture her holy face, and she has been made a… Continue reading Mary: The call of a Lifetime

Women of the Bible

What is it like to be the First?

What would it have been like to have been the first at everything? There would have been no other woman to share in your journey, bad days, sorrows, joys, experiences. Can you imagine? I like to call my mom and share things with her, all the above actually as I am sure you do. Eve… Continue reading What is it like to be the First?

Women of the Bible

The Affirming Wife

Have you ever taken the 5 Love Languages Test? Did you know that one of the love languages is affirmation? I do not speak the language of affirmation very well. It is number 4 or 5 on my list. If it is not on your radar this can be a hard thing for a person… Continue reading The Affirming Wife